Today Thursday, 24 July 2014 ,we the workers of Ghana embark on a nationwide demonstration to express our frustration on the prevailing high cost of living.

The protestations are necessary in order to draw the attention of government to the dire economic and social conditions facing  facing the majority of citizens and the need for urgent measures to alleviate the hardship.

Since the beginning of the year , Organised Labour has used different fora and avenues to call on government to fix the declining economy.

This year, we commemorated  May Day under the theme “Ghana’s Economy: A concern for all “ to demonstrate our concern.

At the national May Day Parade,Organised Labour stated that” Ghana’s economy has been seriously weakened and failing; and that the economy is not working for the majority of Ghanaians.”

We acknowledge the effort of government in addressing the deteriorating economic situation, however,the working people of Ghana continue to face increasing economic and social hardships.

A significant number of citizens have been compelled by the prevailing difficulties to cut both welfare and necessity consumption whilst businesses and industries suffocate. Times are very hard for the majority of citizens. And there is a limit  to which citizens can endure. Organised Labour insists that the government of President John Dramani  Mahama has a constitutional duty to implement urgent and appropriate measures to arrest the economic decline.

Organised Lbour demands the following from government :

1. immediate action to halt the depreciation of the cedi and rising cost of living.

2. immediate policy initiatives and measures to ensure the provision of requisites and critical infrastructure , including putting on stream the gas pipeline, and efficiency in the production and distribution of electricity and water, and to assure citizens against price hikes in these essential services due to inefficiency, lack of infrastructure and the  headlong depreciation of the cedi.

3. immediate downward review of prices of petroleum products and a halt to the lazy and facile reflex of simply increasing the prices of these products as the cedi depreciates due to the mismanagement of the economy and poor fiscal policies.

4. immediate and effective policy measures to ensure that Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) operates at full capacity. 5. immediate and concrete measures to ensure that the railway sector is revamped and the plight of the workers addressed.

6. immediate action by government and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) to address the challenges in the implementation of the new pensions Scheme.

7. an immediate stop to the attempts by government to impose a pensions trust on public sector workers.

8. immediate action and effective measures to address the widespread perception of corruption in high office which has reached unprecedented level and prosecute all persons against whom there is evidence of such gross anti-social acts ,irrespective of the social or political status.

We deem the policies and actions of the Mahama government as deliberate acts meant to impoverish  and emasculate the working people of Ghana and we demand immediate action to reverse the trend.