Use Any Means To Make Men Who Impregnate You Responsible Even If You Need To Charm Them – Counselor Lutterodt


The man of God who never stops throwing bombs has done it again. In his usual controversial mode, Counselor George Lutterodt has made another strong pronouncement.

On Rundown with Joojo on TV Africa this week, the loud counselor touching on the subject of men and their responsibilities, disclosed that any man who impregnates a woman, should take responsibility for his actions. The man of God continued to add that men should not be allowed to go scot free after impregnating their women. They should be made responsible by all means.

In stating the tactics to employ to make these men responsible, counselor Lutterodt advised the women to employ any means they deem fit, including the use of physical, legal and even spiritual means or charms if they want. He believes no woman should be left to suffer the pain of conception to delivery alone. The men who impregnate them should be involved and share in that pain.

Source : VibesIn5