VIDEO: Actress Nana Akua Addo freaks out when she was told her dress is torn at AMVCA 2017


I could be wrong but Nana Akua Addo was the only Ghanaian actress who attended this year’s AMVCAs in Nigeria although she did not get any nomination. She went to show her ‘slayness’ there.

Imagine been told, you dress is torn on the red carpets of the biggest movie awards ceremony in Africa–Trust me, you would freak out for a second and that’s exactly what happened to Nana Akua when she was told her dress was torn.

For the first few seconds, she was confused but little did she know she was been pranked by Linda Ikeji Tv.

She was like; “Where, where, it’s not torn”

Then the prankster finally told her she was just pranked!

You might want to watch the whole prank show to see it or just skip to 4:24 to watch her part.